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Posted: June 30, 2015 in the journey

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Ha! days of some sense

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

11:23pm. June 16,2015.
E12, Queen Elizabeth II Hall,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Good n u
Fine. How’s school?
Good n u
V u guys started exams?
No, v u?

You forgot my bday!!
Omg. M soo sorry hun. Small brain.Ll cal u

Fne o
Yeah. Ow school?
Fam nko

Eey. M in ib
Oh ok. When u leavin?
Nxt wk
Miss u, wana c u
Dunno, tns r tite. Ll try.

Eey. U gone back?
Yes na. Since
Mabinu dear. Prob wn nxt u around
Aii. No p

Oga o
M sorry, pls who is ds
Woah! I always tot I was bugging u, u shud just v told me so instead of deleting me.
Ah. No oooo. I lost my phone, again
Ok o, its ****
You! Sup na. Longie
Ikr. U just fashied me
Tod u already na. Sorry

It’s a lie
Uh? Dnt get?
You messaged me 1st
Ikr. Bad rep. I miss u ni
Smh. A miracle
Cut the crap joo. Awwau re
Fine. Ll b around on friday
Ah. We must c, my classes r not that tite
Aii na, ll love to c ur pimples face
Tah! Hater, it ll shock u

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Chat  —  Posted: May 31, 2015 in the journey
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12:59am Sunday, 31 May 2015


Good morning.
Some minutes ago, I pulled out my old ghana-must-go bag from under my bed. I was looking for my black beret, I intend to robe in the choir this morning after a long time of not doing so. I am yet to find the beret, but I am glad for what I found:

Old clothes. Clothes I wore while in secondary school and partialy during my first year in the university. I started sorting them, knowing I would never wear them again, into good and bad piles.

Most of them brought a memory: how I got it, where I wore it to and what people said about it. My 18th birthday dress was in the pile. I got it then for N3,500, but the material bleached off 😦 . Also were a number of dresses I made for myself years ago, before I knew how to cut properly. I was somewhat amazed at the little details I was sensitive to even then.

Thank you.
Not for the dresses, or the fact that what used to be my prized possession is not anymore, but that you are a constant. I realized that although my experiences, emotions, friends, fashion sense and understanding has evolved over the years, you are the only one who has not.

Sometimes, mosttimes, we are blind to what you are silently doing, because we are expecting you to announce a miracle with trumpets and harps. Hence, we never thank you, we may even question if you exist. All we see is the terrible diasters, 4 digit account balance, dead emotions, graveyards. We are too busy trying to fix the big ish in a big loud way that we cannot hear you doing the little jobs that make the big show.

Tonight I remember. Thank you.

Letter to Time

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P.S: I’m on my way to being my best and you slowing me down :p

This was an assignment while I was an intern at SO&U( an ad agency) March, 2015. It brought back funny memories and I thought I’ll just share.



As we try…

Posted: May 5, 2015 in the journey


Serious faces, tight shoes
Tight smile, tight life
Handshakes, dry days

When we pause enough, we realize the seeming monotony of our days. If we stop enough, we may question life itself, like why the rush to nowhere. Or why we have to do something. Is it because that is what the society expects or because we do not have any other thing to do?

Eight, nine, five
Life’s speeding non-stop
Six, twelve, six
Sleep, dream, cease.

When we stop enough to take a walk, stare at migrating birds or sing off-key; when we stop enough to do the things that are not expected of us, we may wonder why we have to do the other things. But most times, we never stop enough.

Money, please money must be made
After we’ll play life at its game
Money, money first
Then all will migrate.

It’s like there’s a day we cannot remember when we suddenly grow up and realize that we have dreams and we want or need to be somebody, mostly to prove something: We want to live better lives than our parents, or want to be seen as smart, or we just want to live a life untwisted, or maybe because we do not want to go to hell.

The things we choose to do, or not to do, take up our life. It is like a ball that inflates and threatens to suck out our life. We cough, we struggle, we try to breathe, for if not we die, but no mortal death.

But as we try
Let us strive
As we strive
Let us run

Let us run
With ourself: Me with me
And you with you
For in truth
There really is no race at all.

Life has been described as a race, true, but the whole point should never be trying to be better than others. Instead we should strive to outdo our seeming best; we should never settle. As we try to be better, let us choose integrity. Let us try to love others and think the best of them. Let us choose to love, for that really is the greatest achievement of all.

As we try,
Let us remember to live life
Not just survive.

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Posted: April 27, 2015 in Gracie's notes

I hear it before I see it. I see it rolling at me. The sun has fallen from the sky, it is rolling towards me.

I stand transfixed, almost, save the spreading of my lips, save the darting of my eye.

My brain swims. The wave moves me through its sea. I see the happy child and the happy young. I oar to find the point that the meaning change. I stop. I am tired, and yet no answers.

I see you. I see you in a million colours. I see you that you never see, in a fake smile, in a tough lie, in this life, I see you.

I sigh. I stand transfixed. Save the paleness of my lips. The sun is rolling towards me.

With it comes its friends; with it comes all who seek to burn me. The day before leads the pack, I see the fuel of fear, doubt fights to keep intact and lies still behold its impact. All in a mirror. Roll.

I stand transfixed. My brain swims out before me. Too many war movies. But there are no spears or guns. There is fire, and there is water. No, no wind.

So fire and water, here we are. I forgot my tape on the cutting table, will you help tell which is stronger?

Fire and water, here, and me. Me. Yes, flesh, me. No brain, no burns. The ball rolls.

The sun stops at my feet. Almost.

Show me, beautiful

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Ask me, beautiful
“What is your name?”
Tell me, beautiful
How is my face

Show me beautiful
Show me a cage
Show me a life that just lost its age

Show me beautiful
Show me a child
Serene silent humble unmild

Show me a stranger
Show me a child
Show me three things that starts with “R”

Show me red
Show me release
Show me a rabbit after its meal

Show me, beautiful
What do we mean
When we say words that cause some to weep

Why not beautiful
Why not a child
Why not humble happy and mild

Show me five letters
Show me a show
Where the Lord covers the princess with coat

Show me simple
Show it as true
Show me the love that makes it all true

Show me, beautiful.
Show me you.


I wrote this like two weeks ago but just stopped enough to post now, school is full scale good, beautiful and fab.I wish time takes a vacation sometime soon, but until then I’ll keep expressing myself in lines and some rhymes.
And thanks to everyone that check me up and reads even without my bcs. Blessings.

I take today

Posted: April 15, 2015 in the journey


I take today
I put it in a cup and drink it
I take today
I smile at it as it seize me
I take today

I take today
I dance half-blind to the monster behind me
I spread my hands to the saviour before me
I shudder. I sigh.
I dance with one eye, can’t see me

I feel it go down into me
I think it has released inside me
I fly, I crawl, I run, I do not stop
That monster is behind me

That monster I fear
Oh, no, feared
I stole from it what I gave it
I lied right to my saviour’s face
I stole

I take today
I run with all of me
I outrun, I die to some of me
Weigh me, weigh out
I take today

I take today
Or today takes me.

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